Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump Review

It can be such an overwhelming and daunting choice when it comes to selecting a breast pump that’s right for you. Make the wrong decision, and you’ll have such an uncomfortable experience that will stress out both you and your baby.

Instead, here’s my review of the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump. We’ll explore the ins and outs to see whether this popular breast pump is the right choice for you.



If you’re looking for a really easy to use, quick and comfortable dual electric breast pump, this could be as close to perfect as you’ll find. This could be ideal for moms who want express milk several times in one day.

Safety is also a key concern when it comes to Ameda. This is thanks to the Proven Airlock Protection feature. This protects your milk from nasty elements such as potentially harmful viruses and bacteria.

Included with your breast pump, you’ll find:

  • The breast pump unit
  • chevron-circle-right
    A milk collection system
  • chevron-circle-right
    Milk storage bottles
  • chevron-circle-right
    A cooler bag
  • chevron-circle-right
    A tote bag
  • chevron-circle-right
    A power cable/adaptor
  • chevron-circle-right
    Ice packs

  • Extremely affordable compared with other double electric breast pumps
  • Everything you need for the best experience
  • Incredibly easy to clean
  • check-circle
    Closed system for safe, drinkable milk
  • Some moms may find this pump quite noisy
  • Can be time-consuming to set up
  • Some users report low suction power

Key Features

Everything You Need

This set comes with everything you’ll need to get started. It includes all of the power adapters, ice boxes, and bottles for storing your milk. This means you can buy this set without having to worry about buying anything else.

There’s even a small cooler bag with an added tote bag, so you can easily take your pump with you wherever you go, allowing you to pump anytime you need to.


You can enjoy complete control with adjustable dials that help you to set the suction and speeds of the pump. You can also single pump or double pump. This means you can enjoy the most comfortable pumping experience, regardless of what setup you prefer.

Build Quality

This is one highly durable breast pump. There are two built-in bottle holders for your convenience. The pump itself is also highly portable and extremely lightweight. For safety, each part of this pump is made from BPA and DEHP-free materials.

Ease of Use

This breast pump is so easy to use. All of the dials and switches are large enough to easily move, meaning you can easily change the settings, even while you are tending to your baby.

So that you can be sure that your milk is clean for your baby, this pump comes with a built-in Hygienikit Milk Collection System that works automatically.

Fully Compatible

The power adaptors that come with this breast pump means you really can pump anywhere. You can use six AA batteries so you can pump when you’re nowhere near a building or power socket. You can even use the adapter to plug the pump into your car to use it on the go.

Easy to Clean

This pump is specially designed to minimize the amount of cleaning that needs to be done. This is all thanks to the system’s silicone tubing that stops your milk flowing back into the pump. This also helps to stop your milk from becoming contaminated.

The Proven Airlock Protection also helps to lock out external pollutants such as germs, bacteria, and viruses. Since no air can get into the pump, there’s also no chance that mold will grow.

This means that when you do clean your pump, there are next to no dirty parts anyway, making cleaning a breeze.


If you love the quality features of the Ameda, but you want a more natural experience, the Nibble Double could be perfect for you. You can change the settings from a quick and short suck to a deep and slow pattern that helps to maximize your milk flow in a natural way.

Extremely similar to Ameda Breast Pump, this pump is a great alternative as it’s suitable for mothers who want to pump several times a day. There is a built-in bottle and a battery pack that will let you pump your milk anywhere. There is also a removable cooler bag and everything else you’ll need, all for a much more affordable price.

With the SpectraBaby USA Pump, you’ll be able to enjoy similar features to the Ameda, such as a closed system, but without the loud pumping noise that many mothers complain about. There’s also a night timer and light so you can enjoy the best pumping experience, any time of the day.

Is It Worth Your Money?

While it’s true that dual electric breast pumps can be expensive, you simply can’t beat them on quality, functionality, and durability. By choosing a fully-functional breast pump, such as the Ameda Purely Yours, you could be enjoying the most stress-free pumping experience.

This is because you may not have to worry about running out of milk storage, keeping your milk cool, or whether germs and bacteria are entering your system and contaminating your milk.

This is all thanks to the entire pump being made from BPA/BPV free materials during production, ensuring the best for your little bundle of joy.

With this awesome pump, you’ll have access to more than enough pumping suction that will help you to keep producing the amount of milk that you want until you’re ready for the next parental stage. This is also very beneficial if your baby has a weaker latch, potentially leading your body to stop producing milk altogether.

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