Mimijumi Baby Bottle Review – Why Breastfeeding Moms Love it

If you want to wean your baby off of breastmilk, you need to choose the right bottle. The correct bottle paired with the right formula can make a huge difference in the transition.

There aren’t many bottles out there that do the job properly. One of the handful or so that I’ve found is this transitional baby bottle from Mimijumi.


This really is one of the best designed transitional baby bottles that I’ve come across. From the color to the shape, this bottle is designed to mimic a mother’s breast and make your baby take to the bottle as quickly as possible.

It really is a remarkable feat of engineering. I just wish that the nipple on the bottle was a little shorter. It’s quite a bit longer than a real nipple would be, which of course makes it a little more difficult for some babies to take to.

This can lead to what is called “nipple confusion,” which will make it much harder to get your baby to take to the bottle, and possibly even have problems switching back to the breast if you are doing both.

Plus, the bottle is really rigid. That’s great for those of us that are feeding the baby, but it makes it a little more obvious that it’s not the breast that your baby is used to.

  • The base is designed to prevent sliding
  • Check Circle
    The bottle is wide and easy to clean
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    The color and shape of the nipple mimics a mother’s breast almost exactly
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    Has ventilation to prevent your baby from swallowing air bubbles
  • Will not fit most bottle warmers
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    Sometimes the milk comes out too fast for very young babies

Key Features


The material of the Mimijumi bottle is a combination of medical-grade and food-grade silicone. It also has some nylon. The nipple is perfectly safe for your baby, as they have really done a thorough job in making sure that it is free of anything that could cause harm. That includes latex, BPA, EA agents, and much more. Some babies have latex allergies and BPA is definitely a potential health concern, no matter what the age of your little one.


There are two sizes that this bottle comes in – the 4-ounce and the 8-ounce. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, or if you get one of each, because either will work for stage one feeding. That’s because the bottle isn’t gravity controlled – your baby controls the flow.

Mimic Ability

The mimic ability of this bottle is definitely one of its best features. I really love the fact that it looks and feels like a mother’s breast. The bottle is solid and rigid, but the nipple is anything but. You should have no issues getting your baby to latch onto it, thinking that it is a breast.

Ease of Use

This bottle is really easy to use. You won’t have any problems screwing the top onto it, and there is leakage protection. Plus, since these are wide bottles and dishwasher safe, they are really easy to clean.


This is just as much of a favorite of mine as the Mimijumi. What I really like about this bottle is how soft and flexible the material is on both the nipple and the bottle itself.

This makes it easy to transition your baby from breastmilk to formula, because the feeling of the bottle still mimics a mother’s breast.

Plus, this bottle has a gripping bottom, which makes it easy to twist open and closed when you only have one hand free.

This is a terrific bottle that can be used for formula or to store and feed your baby real breastmilk. I don’t like these bottles nearly as much as the Mimijumi or the Comotomo, but they are a really good budget option.

For anyone that goes through bottles really fast, I could recommend these, as long as your baby doesn’t reject them.

These bottles do have one advantage over the Mimijumi in that the nipple is much shorter, which means that babies that have trouble with the larger nipples on the Mimijumi should have no issues with this one.

Who Should Buy the Mimijumi Bottle?

When it comes to who should buy the Mimijumi, the answer for me is just about everyone. I really love the quality of this bottle, and the fact that it makes transitioning so effortless, even for picky babies that have rejected other bottles.

Plus, this bottle is so simple to clean that it puts some of the bottles in my cupboard to shame. I can recommend this for picky babies and moms that don’t mind spending a little extra money on a really great bottle.

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