Tomy Quiet Expressions Electric Breast Pump Review

When I got my first breast pump, I was a bit skeptical. I wanted a quick way to pump and store breast milk for my baby. I knew that breast milk was a lot healthier than any substitute I could give my baby.

My first breast pump did its job, but I wanted something different the second time around. So I tried the Tomy Electric Breast Pump, which I’m going to review for you now.


Tomy’s Electric Breast Pump is an affordable pump that works well. It's put together smartly, and it comes with a few useful features that simplify usage. This includes the double handle, the different suction speeds and battery support.

The included GumDrop bottles are free of bisphenol A (BPA). That's good to know if you're part of the crusade against BPA in baby bottles, and beyond. There's enough evidence of BPA as an endocrine disruptor, so I am more than willing to avoid it altogether.

As a result, this product might serve you well if you want to ensure your baby enjoys the benefits of breast milk. Furthermore, if you have ever tried a manual breast pump, you know how time-consuming and tiring it can be. It's a process that can defeat the purpose. An electric pump like this one speeds everything up while increasing your comfort.

Here are all the things you get inside the product box:

  • The double electric breast pump itself
  • chevron-circle-right
    2 x 4-ounce GumDrop Bottles (BPA free)
  • chevron-circle-right
    A tote bag
  • chevron-circle-right
    AC adaptor

  • Eight suction levels
  • check-circle
  • check-circle
    Very quiet when in use
  • check-circle
    Allows you to maintain a comfortable posture, so there’s no strain on your back and neck
  • check-circle
    The breast shields are flexible and easy to fit
  • The display isn’t backlit, so you may find it difficult to see when pumping in the dark
  • times-circle
    It has a weaker pump motor than some other similar products
  • times-circle
    It’s not the fastest breast pump around

Key Features

Multiple Ways to Use It

You can use the Tomy pump in two ways. You can either plug it into a socket, or power it with four AA batteries. As far as performance goes, you won't see any noticeable differences. But it's the batteries that make it as portable as any good breast pump should be.

After I got batteries for this pump, I was curious to see how long they would last. Adding up the hours, I got over 90 hours of usage on one set of batteries alone. This is quite convenient for trips or long drives, when you can't just plug the pump unit into a socket. Of course, you can also go manual at any time.

There's one thing you should know, though - the suction unit isn't the most powerful on the market. You may have to wait longer for the suction to complete than with higher-end pumps.

Also, using this pump at night could be challenging. It's not because of the noise, as it happens with other pumps, but rather because of the display. I hadn't even noticed that the display didn't have a backlight until the first time I tried to use it at night. You really need to get close to a source of light to read the screen, or use your phone's flashlight.

Easy to Carry

The Tomy electric pump is on the light side, so throwing the tote bag over your shoulder won't feel like a burden. It doesn't have too many detachable parts either, so you don't have to worry about assembling it.

The tote bag doesn't look bad at all. Compared to other bags you get with breast pumps, it's quite stylish. This may not seem like a big deal, but having a breast pump bag that doesn’t cramp your style matters. Besides, most people won't have a clue what the bag is for.

Single-Handed Operation

The pump features a useful handle, which fits snugly between your breasts. It runs vertically down your body, making it very comfortable.

You can also use the handle with one hand, even when you're pumping both breasts. This is a simple, but effective design choice. It means that you can do other tasks while using the pump.


The Spectra S1 matches the Tomy when it comes to quietness. It is also a hospital-grade pump, so you’ll enjoy peace of mind while using it. Its closed system ensures that no bacteria get into your bottles. However, it’s also one of the most expensive pumps on the market.

Medela’s pump outstrips the Tomy when it comes to speed. However, it’s also heavier, and it comes with a larger price tag. As such, it’s a better choice if you don’t have to watch what you spend.

Freemie’s pump is quiet, and it offers a similar level of comfort to the Tomy product. Unfortunately, it also has a habit of allowing milk to flow backward into the tubes. You also need to connect it to an AC adapter, so it’s no good if you want to pump on the go.

Who Should Buy the Tomy Electric Breast Pump?

It’s a great choice for first-time pump users. If you’re wary about investing too much money into a pump, the Tomy is right up your alley. You get a quiet pump that you can use anywhere, without having to break the bank to get your hands on it.

However, there are some missing features that may put you off. It’s not the best pump for nighttime usage, as it doesn’t have a backlit screen. Plus, there are more powerful pumps available. As a result, this pump may not be the best option for experienced breast pump users, or those who have found that less expensive pumps don’t produce the yield they’re looking for.

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